School Events

Title : PRISM

 Exhibition is a nice platform for us to showcase out recent research activities in the areas of science and technology and to find out the possible collaborations that can be made with other academic institutes & industries.

Projects let students learn, use, and demonstrate important science and reasoning steps, and the benefits of hands-on and active exploration compared to more passive modes of learning .

?PRISM-THE EXHIBITION? organized by middle section , under the auspices of Bhatnagar International School themed to showcase the "Advancement in Technology" was organized in a manner that all the students were able to deliberate the nuances of the models they had displayed, this act was very well appreciated by our Mentor Ms. Shilpa Bhatnagar.

Teachers were really happy to see the scientific vibe and energy in kids in detailing the exhibits they had come up with. Everybody was overwhelmed by the kind of presentation they did. The most important part was, they had different ideas, thoughts, curiosities which were reflected in the project works done.

This wouldn't have been possible without the great encouragement and support from Respected Principal ma'am, Ms. Shilpa Bhatnagar.

Thanks to the wonderful group of parents too who supported their children to accomplish the projects.