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Title : Security Guidelines

Security Guidelines

Security & Safety of the students has always been a prime prerogative of our school.
Points which the school has been adhering to for safety and security of school students.

  1. 1. Entry gate is properly manned by security guards (verified by security agencies).
  2. 2. Entry gate has a proper visiting register with proper columns like Sr. No., Name, Address, Time of visit, Mobile number, Signatures etc.
  3. 3. Entry is made for visitors/ parents only after confirming with front desk through intercom.
  4. 4. Prior appointment is encouraged for smooth functioning of the school.
  5. 5. Each floor is manned by two security guards.
  6. 6. CCTV cameras are installed at stringent and strategic points covering all areas of the school building .Entry and exit points, playground, Canteen Area, all corridors, labs ,library, staffrooms, reception are regularly monitored through the cameras.
  7. 7. All CCTV's are functional and operational.
  8. 8. There are separate washrooms for girls and boys on each floor with a CCTV camera outside the washroom.Maids are at all times available to accompany  children of primary classes to the washroom.
  9. 9. There are separate washrooms for male staff members. Drivers and conductors do not have access to washrooms meant for students or any other area inside the school premises.
  10. 10. All class IV employees wear ID cards for identification.
  11. 11. Specific duties are assigned to the teachers before and during the morning assembly, recess and at the time of school dispersal.
  12. 12. Teachers always accompany the class even when students go for various activities.
  13. 13. Attendance in  each period is taken and mentioned in monitors diary each day.
  14. 14. All the recruited 'helping/ assisting' staff members are taken from verified and long - standing authenticated agencies. Their antecedents are carefully scrutinized by the school.
  15. 15. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards have been issued to students and are mandatory to carry for safety of your child.
  16. 16. It may be noted that Parent cards have been issued to Primary classes and same should be carried to school by parents during pick up and drop off.Kindly adhere strictly.
  17. 17. Class Coordinators and class teachers remain vigilant and cater to student's needs constantly.
  18. 18. The School Team is highly sensitive to students needs, safety and security. 

Your constant support, trust & cooperation is our strength.


Posted By : Admin | Date : 13-09-2017