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Dear Parents,
Kindly follow the below mentioned precautions, to safeguard our little ones from the adverse affects of SMOG:
1. Avoid direct exposures outdoors for longer hours.
2. Avoid morning walks as pollution levels are highest during early mornings and evening because of thermal inversion/smog formation.
3. Ask your kids, not to play outdoors or limit their sports activities to indoor.
5. Consume lots of jaggery for detoxification.
6. Increase intake of citrus fruits.
7. Use Face masks while walking on road.
8. Please do not use any chemical based air freshners indoor like air wick/odonil etc.
9. For ventilation open your windows/doors only when sun is bright; better would be in afternoon.
10. Use AC to sleep in the night with minimal setting. Keep the windows closed.
11. Warm saline gargles before sleeping.

Posted By : BIS | Date : 05-11-2016