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Title : Abacus and Vedic Maths Workshop

Abacus and Vedic Maths Workshop

Bhatnagar International School organised Abacus and Vedic Maths Workshop for Primary and Middle Class on July 15th, 2015. This workshop will enhance the student mental calculation, which will help them to reduce the maths phobia. This will also enhance their concentration and personality. Students found this session interactive and helpful.

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Title : Animation and Media Club Programme- Chinh India

Animation and Media Club Programme- Chinh India

Bhatnagar International School organised a workshop on Animation and Media Club for students of class IV to VIII on July 9th, 2015. Students were oriented on how an activity is shot through camera using top and side shots. They were encouraged to draw perspective based drawings.

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Title : Astronomy Session

Astronomy Session

Bhatnagar International School organised Astronomy Session for Primary Classes on July 9th & 13th, 2015. The topic of discussion was Astronaut in Space and Our Solar System. In this session students learnt about astronauts, what is an astronaut? And difference in surroundings in space and earth. Students performed various activities like blowing balloons, lemon race etc. Students also learnt about the solar system, position of various planets in the solar system and comparison of their sizes with the help of various activities. Students enjoyed the session.

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Title : Driving by Minor/School going children not permitted

Bhatnagar International School
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 70

Date : 27-June-2015

Dear Student, 

We welcome you back after a relaxing summer break. The School shall reopen on 1-July-2015 i.e. Wednesday. You are required to reach school on time. 

As per the instructions of the Joint Commissioner of Police-Traffic, Delhi, any Minor or school going child should not drive any vehicle as it may cause fatal accident or injury. 

Thus, for your safety, you are not permitted to drive any vehicle by yourself while coming and going from school.


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Title : Sports News

Bhatnagar International School Student Yashansh Malik of class VII got selected in Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2015 which was held in Tokyo, Japan.

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Title : Class XII Result 2015 Subject Wise Toppers


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Title : Class XII Result 2015 Stream Wise Toppers


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Title : Students of Primary wing Conducted a marathon in support of Earthquake Victims of Nepal

Students of Primary wing Conducted a marathon in support of Earthquake Victims of Nepal
In view of the disastrous earthquake which took place in Nepal and some other states of India on 25th April 2015,  Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj, took the initiative to organize a mock drill in the school, on 30th April 2015, to create awareness against the natural calamity and to equip students to handle the crisis in an effective manner. The drill comprised of communication (warning dissemination), evacuation, search and rescue and medical health.
Considering that school children are vulnerable to such disasters, a special morning assembly was conducted, on 2nd May 2015  to spread awareness about the safety measures which can be taken during an earthquake. The assembly also highlighted after-care and handling of the crisis, and to minimize damage in case of any such emergency.
To extend the heartfelt sympathies to the people in Nepal and the regions affected by this tragedy, the students of primary department participated in a Marathon, with the message of tranquility, on 2nd May 2015. Students prepared banners and placards. They also interviewed the local residents, who gave heart-warming messages for the distressed and affected population.
This philanthropic exercise was to sensitize the students and to teach them to empathize with the suffering lot.

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Title : World Asthma Day

1. World Asthma Day was celebrated on 2nd May 2015 in our school premises to spread awareness amongst students regarding Asthma.
2. Students of the Middle Wing spoke on the said topic during the assembly.
3. Presentation was shown and explained to the students of classes
 VI to VIII.
4. Do's and Don'ts were discussed.
5. Working of the devices used by asthma patients was demonstrated   to the students.
6. Quiz was conducted at the end of the programme.
7. Students of standard VI made a collage on the topic : "The Air We Breathe" in their science note books.

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