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Title : Bidding Adieu to Class XII

Bidding Adieu to Class XII

Amidst emotive uproar and overwhelming surcharge, Bhatnagar international School, Vasant Kunj bid a heart warming farewell to XII class students.

Aptly coined "Benedictions", the momentous ceremony commenced with lightning of the lamp.

The invited dignitaries, enthused the students with their benign presence and led the havan midst the melodious chanting of Gayatri Mantra. The outgoing batch of students participated in the ritual whole heartedly.

The musical compositions and the musical ballet that were staged were mesmerising and riveting.

The Scholarship Ceremony and the declaration of the shining stars of the batch 2016-17 were the eve's highlights.

Vanshaj Batra, Vrishan Batra and Ananya Agarwal were adjudged the trail-blazers of the school as meritorious all rounders and most versatile talents.

The shinning stars were conferred with sobriquets and titles. They were decorated with glittering tiaras, slashes and commendation certificates.

The students received blessings of the Principal and teachers in abundance. They inspirited the students to follow a path of virtues for a glorious future.


The students received mementoes which had the following words inscribed on them:


Tireless be your efforts ;

Tireless be your rewards.


A lavish buffet was enjoyed by the students. In their thanksgiving speeches, the students expressed their sincere gratitude to their alma mater for making them confident and ready to face the challenges of life.


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Title : Extension of Winter Break for class I - VII

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that due to extreme cold & fog the school shall remain closed for Classes (I - VII) from 20th January (Friday) till 22ndJanuary (Sunday) 2017.

The school shall reopen as usual on Monday, 23rd January 2017.


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Title : Attempt scheduled for classes II-V

The Attempt scheduled for 19th Jan 2017 for classes II-V would now be held on Tuesday, 24th Jan 2017.The syllabus remains the same.

BIS-Vasant Kunj

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Title : Extension of Winter Break for class I - V

Dear Parents,

The school shall remain closed from 16th January (Monday) to 19th January (Thursday) 2017 for the Primary Classes (I - V) due to the prevailing cold conditions in the Capital.

The school shall reopen as usual on Friday, 20th January 2017.



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Title : The Book - Tree

The Book - Tree

Children respond enthusiastically to any new development that they may find interesting. With such an idea in mind, this book-tree has been made on the theme "Christmas". Various books have been displayed based on this theme, to draw the attention of the students & inspire them to read such books. Slide-show activity is also done on this topic. 

Such activities are done to motivate the students & instill in them a love for reading books while developing library culture at the same time.   

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The purpose of this activity was to explore and discuss corruption practices around us with the aim of identifying corruption related challenges that must be addressed in order to actualize the expected economic gains.  Students were well prepared and expressed wonderfully. The work of students showed that the coming into prominence of such concepts as decentralization, accountability and transparency, human rights, rule of law and sustainable development have considerably influenced efforts to minimize corruption in the country.
To reduce corruption drastically students also illustrated, a number of fundamental changes must be brought about like: reducing the opportunities for corrupt transactions by cutting back the state's activities; emergence of new centres of power outside the bureaucracy; development of competitive party politics; institutional and process levels; strengthening of preventive structures and tightening of prosecuting techniques.
Overall the activity was beneficial as students shared their opinions and participated enthusiastically.

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Title : Closure of School due to deteriorating Air Quality


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Dear Parents,
Kindly follow the below mentioned precautions, to safeguard our little ones from the adverse affects of SMOG:
1. Avoid direct exposures outdoors for longer hours.
2. Avoid morning walks as pollution levels are highest during early mornings and evening because of thermal inversion/smog formation.
3. Ask your kids, not to play outdoors or limit their sports activities to indoor.
5. Consume lots of jaggery for detoxification.
6. Increase intake of citrus fruits.
7. Use Face masks while walking on road.
8. Please do not use any chemical based air freshners indoor like air wick/odonil etc.
9. For ventilation open your windows/doors only when sun is bright; better would be in afternoon.
10. Use AC to sleep in the night with minimal setting. Keep the windows closed.
11. Warm saline gargles before sleeping.

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Title : Circular of Winter Uniform - 2016


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Title : The best five entries of Paintings of Painting Competition


The best five entries of Paintings of  Painting Competition  Theme - A. Disaster Vs. Collective Strength OR
B. Disaster risk management begins at home/ school.

Organized by DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION, GOVT. of NCT of DELHI, held on 17th October, 2016.

Names of our Proud winners:

1. VANSHIKA SHARMA (14 years)

2. RISHABH KUMAR (14 years)


4. OJAS MANCHANDA (10 years)

5. NAVENDU (10 years)

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