Computer Lab - Gigabyte

The school has the state of the art Computer lab-Gigabyte. The school ensures that the computers are replaced every few years to keep pace with the changing technology. The lab is well spaced out and can accommodate over 100 students at a time. The lab boasts of an exhaustive collection of educational C.D’s which are used as a teaching aid by the school faculty. Multimedia in education plays a pivotal role in our curriculum and we have a multimedia projection device which provides visual aid for three dimensional teaching. The projection system is installed in our auxiliary lab which is equipped with computers with TFT screens. The teacher’s cubicle is in the nucleus of the lab which houses computers for the use of staff members. All the computers are networked which facilitates practical sessions. Internet facility is provided to staff. Students are allowed access but only under guidance for project work. Computer education is mandatory for all our students from Class I-XII and the program of study is adapted every few years to keep our children up to date with the changing technological scenario. The computer lab is centrally air-conditioned.

Library - Einstein’s

“A library’s function is to give the public in the quickest and cheapest way information, inspiration, and recreation. If a better way than the book can be found, we should use it.” Melvil Dewey

A well equipped Hybrid Library (i.e., a combination of print & non-print materials / technology & e-resources) is the demand of the day. Suiting this demand, the school library is a spacious, well-lit & air conditioned academic hub of the institution; and houses around 15000 books on varied topics ranging from fiction, non-fiction, reference books, text books and books of special nature like career guidance books etc.. Various periodicals like newspapers, magazines & journals are subscribed by the library. Equipped with extensive hard copies & online/e-resources viz., audio-books with head-phones, video-books, e-books, & audio-visuals as in CDs, DVDs, VCDs; the library is up to date & furnished with modern elegance. Smart board & digital projector are used to teach library skills & conduct various activities for inducing more interest in students towards library. Each student is motivated & guided to sharpen his/her reading skills acumen during the library period. New arrivals & informative articles are displayed on the library bulletin board. Separate Reading Room is provided for senior students & staff which also serves as a Resource Centre. The library collection is physically verified every year during the summer break & record of the same is properly maintained.

Smart Class Rooms

A computer is a crucial component of the academic success of a student. It offers a unique platform to gain the up-to-date information and to analyse the use of that information for school projects. Additionally, computers help students grow accustomed to writing professional material like presentations, documentation which is greatly encouraged in the school.

Computers in the classroom include digital technology used to enhance, supplement, or replace a traditional educational curriculum.

Computers installed have become popular tool for teachers, since they are able to present an important interactive component and allow students a diverse and exciting way of integrating information into their lessons. Some recent technologies that have been included like the digital whiteboard and educational video games both of which are used extensively in school.

Physics Laboratory

Physics lab, situated on the first floor of the school building, comprises of the main lab and a store room. The lab is very well lit and ventilation is excellent.

One of the walls of the main lab is lined with approachable cabinets. The store room also has good capacity with cabinets, shelf tops and space for additional almirahs.

The worktops provided to the students are wide and spacious. The tables are provided with in-built sockets for electrical connections of circuits.

The lab has also been provided with water supply and drainage system.

The apparatus in the lab is latest and able to cater for 25 students at a time. The lab has apparatus like electrical meters (ammeters, voltmeters, galvanometers, and multimeters), resistance boxes and coils, rheostats, battery eliminators etc to work with potentiometers and meter bridges.

Optical experiments are carried out on optical benches with various lenses and mirrors. Prisms, glass slabs and mirror strips have been provided with drawing boards. Sonometers, resonance apparatus and viscosity apparatus help students to perform various experiments.

Vernier callipers, screw gauges, spherometers, spring and physical balances, graves and apparatus are the other equipment present in the lab.

Logic gate circuit and the pn junction’s apparatus help in electronics experiments.

Apart from the equipment required for CBSE prescribed syllabus the lab also has telescope, spectrometer with both mercury lamp and sodium lamp.

The lab is also equipped with an independent PC with printer to help students.

Teaching in the lab takes place on the projector system with the help of various softwares.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry lab is situated on the first floor of the school building. It comprises of main lab and a store room and a separate place for LPG connection which provides LPG gas for conducting chemistry practicals. The lab is very well lit and ventilated. The exhaust fans have also been provided in the lab. The lab also has a good drainage system.

One of the walls of the main lab is lined with approachable cabinets which contains all the chemicals and the glass apparatus. The store room is also provided with cabinets, shelf tops and water connection. The work top provided to the students is wide and spacious. The open shelf is provided on top of the table along with water connection and gas connection. The open shelf is commonly used to keep chemicals in the reagent bottles. Cabinets are provided below the worktop table for keeping the apparatus used in the chemistry lab. One cabinet is provided to each student.

The apparatus used in the lab are latest and of good quality. New edition to the vast apparatus agglomeration is the Seat-Student Environment Administration Teacher- Friendly micro scale chemistry laboratory kit. This apparatus requires the chemicals in minute quantity.

The lab can cater to 20 students at a time. The different apparatus used in the lab are Kipps apparatus, physical balance, boiling tube, tripod stand, clamp stand, test tubes, conical flasks, etc. All the glass apparatus are of good quality to minimize the breakage. The chemicals are stored in the proper reagent bottles and are easily accessible to the students. The students are able to perform all the practicals required for CBSE prescribed syllabi. Fire extinguishers are installed for any emergency. Proper gas connection records are maintained.

Biotechnology Laboratory

Science cannot be imagined without laboratory and experiments, laboratory is that place where students extend their theoretical knowledge with the help of experiments and get command over the subject. Biotechnology laboratory is one of such hi-tech labs where students are provided hands on practice on latest gadgets and equipments. Biotechnology is an integrated science, a combination of allied sciences and therefore used to have allied effects, it is used to prepare therapeutically and diagnostically important proteins, to manipulate the gene and their expression to improve quality and quantity of the plant and animal products. In this era of biotechnology, students are required to learn the uses of biology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, microbes etc. with the application of instruments i.e. technical system to the benefit of mankind.

For boosting the knowledge and confidence of the students in this upcoming area, we have biology and biotechnology laboratory which covers an area around 22 ft x 10 ft for biotechnology lab and for biology lab is 45 ft x 22 ft. Laboratory is very well equipped with all required and updated models of instruments. These labs have the capacity to accommodate twenty five students at a time. In our lab, we have autoclave, BOD incubator, oven, electrophoretic units, vortex mixer, water-bath, a small distillation plant, laminar air flow chamber, rotator, trans-illuminator, digital balance, stirrer, pipette, centrifuging machine, spectrophotometer, freeze and many more apparatus and equipments for studying sterilization, microbial culture, DNA isolation, plasmid isolation, separation of DNA fragments and their manipulation etc.

There is also a computer set up for bioinformatics to study storage and usage of genetic information of organisms and therefore to predict the pattern of their evolution as well as drug trials. Bio Tech Lab is air-conditioned.

Maths Laboratory

Maths laboratory project in Bhatnagar International School is not a new concept. The active department of mathematics always provided an environment to supplement classroom teaching by innovative teaching methods.

Revolutionary step in teaching- learning Mathematics through COMPUTERS was taken up decade back. Formally the laboratory project was set up in 2002. Since then, Maths Lab has become mainstream of the curriculum.

Presently the Maths Lab is compulsory part of Maths Teaching —Learning Process. The school plans the annual schedule for the Lab Activities for classes 2 to 11th. The annual schedule is given to the students in the beginning of the academic session. All activities are thoughtfully planned by the teachers to reduce the abstractness of the subject and to relate mathematics to real life.


A Maths lab period is allotted to every class in weekly planner of the class.

Pre planned experiment and activity is performed under the guidance of the teacher.

Students are provided reference material and information about the activity.

Then, activity is conducted followed by observations, discussion and application to real life. Students are encouraged to make working / static models wherever possible. Their work is displayed on the bulletin board as exhibits.

Internet provides new dimensions to learning mathematics.

Regularly visited sites and software by students and teachers:

Conversion tools---metric tool, 1cm and hcf tool, percent-decimal conversion number system etc. Brain pop, mathematica, sketch pad graphic calculator animation films on trigonometric functions etc.

Reference material for teachers provide new possibilities of teaching.

Multimedia teaching itself generates keen interest in students. C.Ds. are shown on projector in multimedia room of the school on regular basis.

Physical Education & Playground

School believes in imparting good health and physical fitness to students and has ample facilities for sports.

Total area of the playground is 30 X 100 meters and the games that can be played on the available play ground are Shooting, Basket Ball, cricket, Skating, Volley Ball, Lawn Tennis and Football. All the sports equipment is provided in the school premises under the guidance and coaching of well-trained coaches employed by the school. Various teams participate at the Zonal and National and International Level and have won accolades.

School has made arrangement to teach Yoga to students. Yoga is included in the class time table. Games periods are in the class time-table so that each student gets the opportunity to play in the team and compete at various levels.

The feather in the cap in the sports circuit is the Horse Riding Club. The school boasts to be the only school in Delhi that provides its students the equestrian training from nursery to class 12.

Horse riding is a royal sport and inculcates in the students a perfect coordination of speed, balance and concentration. It also teaches them a wonderful bonding between man and animal. The school has well trained coaches, horse trainers and 13 high bred horses trained to tackle young children.

Annual Horse Riding Show has been applauded by various dignitaries and covered in detail by the media. The show showcases speed jumping, tent pegging, aerobic exercises on horseback, steeple chase, skills only mastered by professionals but performed by school students with equal gusto and agility.

The school girls and boys polo team is the first ever school polo team and is a cynosure of all eyes.

Fashion Studies

The school is preparing the students for India’s strong “global economy”. Fashion Technology is one of key domains for the future. We are providing excellent facilities in this field. The school has latest equipment to facilitate at least 30 students in high-tech lab. The equipment ranges from the size 8 dress forus (mannequin) to the measuring scales and latest sewing machines. The dress forus helps in performing the test fits and draping exercises. The fashion lab also provides 6 sewing machines which are both hand and paddle driven. The flat pattern tables help the students to perform the skill more efficiently.

These facilities have helped and encouraged students to take up this professional course at school level and also given the basis to pursue it at higher levels. Our student are being selected in prestigious institutes like NIFT and Pearl Academy.